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  • Is low maintenance
  • Is safe for pets and children

Reno Turf Masters are experts in synthetic turf golf greens, artificial grass landscaping, pet grass, playground turf, and more. Talk to our experienced artificial grass installers in Reno today.

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Why Install Artificial Turf?


Environmentally Friendly

With synthetic turf, you'll no longer have to leave the sprinklers running for hours on end to maintain a lush, green lawn. Artificial grass products stay green all year, eliminating the need to water them regularly. You'll not only maintain the lawn's beauty but also reduce water consumption and save money in the long run.

Safe for Pets and Children

Our synthetic turf products are softer than actual grass and have a critical head fall rating. Your children can play as hard as they wish because there are no clumps of dirt in these play areas. The best thing about it is that it's plastic, odor-free, and quick-draining. There'll be no unsightly yellow stains and concealed poop piles!

Low Maintenance

To keep artificial grass at its best, you only need to carry out a few quick and easy care tasks. First, you need to wash the dust off with water or have a sprinkler do it for you. Then, you have to brush the artificial grass against the direction of the blades with a plastic-bristled brush to re-establish the blades' perkiness.
A small rectangular pool with a mosaic tile interior is in a backyard. Water flows from a low, white fountain wall into the pool. The area, featuring artificial grass, is enclosed by a white fence with tall, slender trees. Neighboring houses with tiled roofs are visible in the background. (Reno NV)

Artificial Grass Landscaping

Turf Around Pools

During summer, a backyard pool is an excellent way to cool off. However, maintaining it requires a lot of effort.

With our industry-leading synthetic grass, you can make any experience even better, whether it's the kids going for a swim after school, family visiting from out of town, or neighbors dropping by. Any yard with a swimming pool will look great with our synthetic grass.

Our turf not only improves the appearance of your yard but also ensures that you won't harm your lawn with chlorine or clog the pool filter with dirt.

Cool off this summer by installing artificial grass around your pool. Contact us for a free artificial turf installation quote.

Backyard Turf

When it comes to using artificial turf in your backyard, the possibilities are endless. You can play soccer, practice your short game, relax by the pool, or watch your kids have a great time on their new playground. Artificial turf allows you to enjoy your yard to the fullest, regardless of how you utilize it.

Without sacrificing visual appeal, our synthetic turf delivers a high-quality, low-maintenance alternative for your backyard or front yard. It saves water, eliminates the use of dangerous pesticides, and maintains green grass all the time!

For a professional installation of artificial grass in your backyard, trust Reno Turf Masters. Contact us for a free quote.

a bird's eye view of an artificial backyard turf landscaped by Reno Turf Masters
A neatly landscaped backyard with a vibrant green lawn thanks to professional turf installations by Artificial Grass Installers in Reno NV. A row of gray stepping stones creates a path from the house to the wooden fence. Alongside the path, there are small, neatly trimmed bushes and decorative gray pebbles next to a brick wall.

Turf and Pavers

Do you want to kick your landscaping gaming up a notch? Pair up synthetic grass and pavers!

At Reno Turf Masters, our qualified and certified landscapers can install pavers to complete any backyard project.

We've mastered the art of creating low-maintenance lawns that look and feel authentic. We deliver a highly durable and enjoyable product that will best suit your newly paved landscape.

We provide a large selection of paver styles and colors, as well as landscaping packages to meet your needs. They're also extremely low-maintenance, so you can have significant cost savings.

Our team would be delighted to bring samples to your home so that we could see what works best in your natural setting. Contact us to get your free estimate!

Homeowners' Association Approval

If you need approval from your HOA board, for your turf landscaping or artificial lawns, we would be more than happy to help. We have helped homeowners get approval from HOA boards across the area. We can provide photos, samples, and testimonials to help ease their minds, and meet their standards. Just say the word and we'll be out to help!

Backyard Artificial Putting Green

You don't have to live on a golf course to appreciate the beauty of a top-notch putting green. You won't have to travel to the course or driving range to practice when you build a custom-designed artificial turf green at home.

Our artificial grass installers can assist you in designing the putting green of your dreams, replete with terrain variations, sand traps, roll speed, and other elements that reflect your aesthetic vision and play preferences. Your putting green will look and play just like the real thing thanks to our outstanding artificial turf alternatives.

While we name these installations of putting greens, you can add pro-style accessories to make them look more professional and practice your wings and short games. And since it's customizable, it'll be a lovely accent to your home's outdoor space.

Let us install artificial grass in your backyard today. Call us for a free quote.

A backyard in Reno NV with a mini putting green featuring two flags, surrounded by a stone patio. In the background, there are stone structures including a raised fire pit and a barbecue grill area against a high fence. Sparse trees and plants are around the border, thanks to professional turf installations by artificial grass installers.
cream poodle dog running on artificial grass in Reno Nevada

Artificial Grass for Pets

With their digging, rolling, romping, and pottying, dogs can quickly destroy natural grass turf. But what about dogs and an artificial lawn? Well, they fit perfectly together that even canines give them four paws up.

Our artificial grass products are a terrific option for any pet owner. Your pet will adore their new grass, thanks to our industry-leading infill material, drainage system, and high durability, as well as our realistic look and feel. Our turf is made without thatch, giving it more depth, less urine stink, and a more realistic appearance.

We place a high value on safety. So, we make sure to give you a lawn that you can enjoy without worrying about the chemicals used to maintain the health, color, and aesthetics of typical grass lawns. Your new pet turf helps eliminate hazardous pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, ensuring the safety of your friendly companion.

Get in touch with us today, and we'll discuss the fake grass price for free.

Synthetic Grass Playgrounds

You are making a wise choice to install fake grass in your backyard playground. It has all the characteristics of a lush green lawn and offers more. It's strong and long-lasting, so it's definitely a wise investment. Synthetic turf also gives your children a secure and comfortable environment for them to play.

Moreover, synthetic grass is the most suitable flooring for swing sets and other playground equipment. Our synthetic turf is safer than playgrounds with bare dirt, gravel, or bark chips flooring. It has a natural feel and soft base materials that protect your kids against falls.

The artificial grass playground is easy to clean. It has a specialized base material that also serves as a weed barrier and insect deterrent and provides better drainage and quick drying. Liquids flow ten times faster through this turf backing than through conventional turf backings. Your children will enjoy it, and you'll have more time to relax.

Get your free quote and let us install synthetic grass playgrounds today!

A backyard playground featuring a wooden playset with a slide, a trampoline with safety netting, a basketball hoop, and artificial grass covering the ground. The area is fenced with a white vinyl fence, courtesy of top-notch artificial grass installers from Reno NV, and there's a ladder leaning against the house.
a ball on a lush, green synthetic lawn installed in a sports field in Reno, NV

Artificial Turf for Sports Fields

Whether you're a homeowner seeking a backyard soccer field or a school facilities manager looking for a more kid-friendly surface, we have a unique, centralized design and construction approach that improves quality, lowers costs, and simplifies the installation process.

When you trust our experts to install artificial grass on your property, we'll personalize your purchase with the colors you want to create a one-of-a-kind court. The design choices are boundless with so many basic and bespoke colors to pick from. We can build eye-catching surfaces that can be used to transform backyards, schools, and other public spaces.

Our synthetic grass can be used to host various sports zones, such as tennis, pickleball, bocce, and more. The structural life expectancy is 25 to 30 years, so you can do many sports and enjoy for a good period.

Give our artificial grass installation team a call and get your free service quote.

Paver and Artificial Grass Driveways

Most homeowners consider driveway design to be an afterthought. That's because many of them don't realize how significantly a driveway can improve the curb appeal of their properties. The only difficult component is deciding on a material that is both appealing and durable enough for this high-wear region.

Our artificial turf is the ideal material to turn this block of pavement into a gorgeous strip going up to your house. Our artificial grass installation team handles every step of the process with utmost care so that our customers will be happy and proud of their entryways.

A superb design is the foundation of any successful enterprise. So, each project starts with a complimentary site survey and consultation. We've been in the industry for a long time, so can trust us to help you get the most out of your project.

Reach us out for your free quote.

A spacious backyard in Reno, NV, features a geometric pattern of grass strips embedded in a tiled patio, thanks to expert turf installations. A covered outdoor kitchen with stone pillars and an empty rectangular in-ground pool complete the space, which is enclosed by a beige fence and dotted with young trees.

FAQ About Artificial Grass in Western Nevada

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Reno Turf Masters manufactures high-quality artificial turf for a wide range of applications. We help make any outdoor space into the ideal spot to entertain visitors and relax with loved ones. Our team of specialists will ensure that you get your desired design, whether it's a lovely green yard or a putting green to improve your short game.

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